From Terrace and Summit Cabins, to Retreat and Estate Cottages, we offer a range of accommodations to help your pet feel safe and sleep soundly. Available activities keep your dog active, happy and comfortable. Our 10,000-square-foot outdoor play space includes 34 potty areas featuring an artificial turf designed specifically for dogs.

Standard Services

Every boarding stay includes the following:

  • We serve two meals a day and fresh water at all times in stainless steel bowls*
  • Exercise walks three times a day
  • Premium bedding
  • Staff to love and care for your pet
  • Staff on site 24 hours a day!

*We strongly recommend that you bring Bedding and food from home individually packed per serving. This will reduce stress and lower the incidence of potential digestive issues.

Standard Boarding Rates

Estate Cottages


4′ x 6′ $36.50 up to 75 lbs
6′ x 6′ $39.50 up to 100 lbs
6′ x 7′ $44.50 up to 125 lbs
6′ x 9′ $56.50 up to 200 lbs

Summit Cabin


3′ x 5′ $28.50 up to 35 lbs
4′ x 5′ $31.50 up to 60 lbs
4′ x 6′ $33.50 up to 75 lbs

Retreat Cottages


6′ x 6′ $41.50 up to 100 lbs

Terrace Cabin


4′ x 8′ $35.50 up to 150 lbs

Check In/Out Times

We are Open to the public at 7am and close at 7pm every day. Check in is from 7am-6:30pm and checkout is 7am-7pm.

Share Rates

We offer a discounted rate for dogs sharing accommodations. Your second dog is $21 and your third and fourth dogs are $18 each when sharing the same cottage or cabin.

Limited Hours/Closings

The Range Pet Lodge holds limited hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. While we are on site to care for our guests, our office will be closed on New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Boarding Activities and Specialty Upgrades

Prices are in addition to daily boarding rates and are subject to availability.



Full Day of Daycare**8 hours$25.00/Day while boarding$30.00/Day if not boarding
Half Day of Daycare**4 hours$14/Day while boarding$17.00/Day if not boarding
Ball Playtime 20 minutes $9/Session
Petting/Brushing 15 minutes $7/Session
Afternoon Stroll*Between 3 – 4 pm $6/Day
Bedtime Stroll* Between 9 – 10 pm $6/Day

*Both Afternoon and Bedtime Strolls $9/Day  Valued at $10.50; $1.50 Savings


Specialty Upgrades

Extra Feedings More than 2x Daily $2/Feeding
Bizzy Bones Kong toy filled with peanut butter $4/Kong
Filtered Water $3/Day

Boarding Day Stay

Full Day: $22Half Day: $12

Let your pet spend a boarding day with us! Day Stay includes exercising up to 3 times a day. Additional services may be requested at applicable rates. This is not  Daycare with other guests.

Activity Packages

The Roundup

Ball Playtime $9
Afternoon Stroll $6
Bedtime Stroll $6
Bizzy Bones $4

*Valued at $20.50; $4.50 Savings 


The Night Time Special

Petting/Brushing $7
Bedtime Stroll $6
Bizzy Bone $4

*Valued at $15.50; $1.50 Savings

Bathing Services

The boarding staff at The Range Pet Lodge offers two different types of bathing services**, both of which will help keep your best friend squeaky clean and smelling fresh! Additional grooming services may be requested or required, please consult with your boarding representative.

Traditional Bath

Our standard bath includes shampoo* and conditioner, drying and brush out.

Luxury Bath

This deluxe bath includes shampoo* and conditioner, drying and brush out, as well as a pedicure, anal gland expression, and ear cleansing.

*Consult with a Boarding Representative about our variety of shampoos to meet your pet’s individual needs.

**For short-coat breeds only. Our Grooming staff can offer these services (and more!) for both long- and short-coat breeds.


Traditional Shorthair Longhair
30 lbs. or less $26 Groomer Only
31 - 60 lbs. $37 Grooming Only
61 - 100 lbs. $45 Groomer Only
101 lbs or more $60 Groomer Only

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More Bathing Services

Don’t need an entire bath? Individual prices for other grooming services are as follows:

Canine Pedicure$17
Pedicure with Nail Grind $20

FURminator® Shed-Less Treatment

Along with a bath, we offer an additional service that our guests love! FURminator® SHED-LESS Treatment is a premium service that includes a Blow out, a low-shed shampoo followed by an application of deShedding™ solution, plus 30 minutes of brushing with the FURminator® tool. It’s an amazing process that dramatically reduces shedding!

FURminator®$26 (In addition to bath charge)