Howlidays Pet Training Tips and Techniques

Howlidays Pet Training Tips and Techniques



The howlidays can be stressful for both pet parents and their fur babies. Schedules are busy, there are new sights and sounds and often new faces on-hand for gatherings and parties. The all-star trainers at The Range Pet Lodge in Carmel have a few helpful tips to make your and your pet’s life a little easier for holidays.

  • Proactively consider how to keep your pet safe and comfortable during the holidays (crate, tether, gate, separate room or boarding).
  • If you have a counter-surfer, keep food items secure, off the counters and your pet out of the kitchen.
  • If you have children visiting for the holidays, make sure to have a kid-free zone available for your pet. Children aren’t always good with boundaries and pets can easily become overwhelmed.
  • If there will be lots of noise, have a separate room with low background noise to help your pet “getaway” for a bit.
  • Consider giving your dog a fun-filled day away at a doggie daycare to burn off energy ahead of holiday gatherings.
  • Work on training and desirable behaviors prior to the holidays. Even starting with the basics, such as “sit” and “go to your bed” are helpful. If time is an issue, professional trainers can be a valuable asset.


If your pet gets anxiety around strangers and lots of noise, consider boarding your pet at a reputable facility like The Range Pet Lodge during your schedule’s busiest times over the holidays. Trust us, it won’t hurt your pet’s feelings. Chances are, they’ll love the time away in a comfortable setting and playing with their best buds.


The holidays can be great time of gatherings, laughter and fabulous food, but also includes lots of dangers and stressful situations for pets. It only takes a minute for a pet to get into something they shouldn’t when your attention is focused elsewhere. By taking a moment to consider your fur babies’ holiday safety, you can help prevent negative situations from occurring and fully enjoy the magic of the season.