Dog Grooming & Brushing Advice from Carmel, Indiana’s Top Groomer

Dog Grooming & Brushing Advice from Carmel, Indiana’s Top Groomer

Swagger. Every Pooch Wants It.

Start Grooming When Your Dog is a Puppy

Not only does regular grooming keep up a pet’s level of cleanliness and appearance, it’s good for their health as well. By starting when your pet is 8-10 weeks old, you help them become accustomed to grooming as a natural part of pet life. By starting young, activities like beard grooming, ear cleaning and nail clipping are easily endured, and groomer and veterinarian visits are just a normal part of your pet’s life. Not something that causes stress or negative behavior at the mention of a visit.

How often do you need to visit the groomer — it just depends.

The rule of thumb for professional grooming at least every 4-6 weeks, but some breeds require it weekly or biweekly. It all depends on your pet, your preferences and your time availability for home brushing.

Regular home brushing can help keep that swagger your pet loves. It’s one of our groomers’ No. 1 tips for pet parents.

Benefits of Regular Brushing 

  • Removes dead hair, dirt and dandruff
  • Brings out natural oils in pets fur for a healthy sheen
  • Helps control matted hair from forming
  • Allows for check of abnormalities such as dry patches, fleas or ticks
  • Gets your pet accustomed to being handled and gentle tugs on their beards, ears and tails.

By dedicating time at home for brushing and taking advantage of a professional groomer, you can help your pooch stand a little taller and feel better.

Seeking out a full-service groomer that provides a full gamut of services, from nail trims, baths and haircuts to paw treatments, scrubs and everything in between has numerous benefits for your pet. We like to say, “It helps pets get their swagger on!”  Stop by and see our groomers in action at the Range Pet Lodge in Carmel. And take a tour of our state-of-the-art, two- level 14,500 square foot grooming, boarding, daycare and wellness facility as well!

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